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Tekkenomics 0.3

“Tekkenomics” will be the name of the new website created by Paulinstein and Wild Man X.

Tekkenomics is guaranteed to contain some material that has never been seen on any other Tekken website. The site will contain exclusive articles, original FAQ files, move lists, combos/juggles, combo movies, in-game matches, ending movies, and fan-based material.

Initially, the website will only cover Namco’s latest installments in the Tekken series: Tekken Tag, Tekken 4, and Tekken 5. We are currently working on the template, so the site should be up soon enough. The website won’t be up and running until early 2005.

Paulinstein is currently designing the real Tekkenomics Website (Version 1.0), which will look nothing like this temporary site here. In the meantime, enjoy Version 0.3, created by WMX with Microsoft FrontPage.

Be sure to check out the Tekkenomics website, located at: http://www.tekkenomics.tk/

Thanks for your time,
Wild Man X

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