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Tekken 5 DR – Dragunov’s Story

Here is Dragunov’s story, translated by Kurichan of Tekken Zaibatsu.

Name: Dragunov
Nationality: Russian
Fighting Style: Command Sambo

Kazuya created an enormous and strong corps, so that he could build the ideal independent nation using the power he had acquired after over throwing the Mishima Financial Group’s head, Heihachi, 22 years ago.

Feeling threatened by this course of action, the Russian government dispatched the world’s strongest special forces at that time, the Russian Special Forces Unit Spetsnaz – Dragunov was one of the soldiers attached to the military group – however, they were spotted by the commanding officer of Kazuya’s privet corps, Bruce Irvin and a long and violent battle ensued. The Russian Special Forces Unit were forced to withdraw from the confrontation after considering their heavy loses.

Now, several years later, Dragunov has been appointed as commander of the very same unit.

Dragunov knew of Bruce Irvin’s intentions of participating in the King of Iron Fist Tournament, and so he too has decided to join.

“Now, we will finish what was started so long ago!”

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