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Tekkenomics website down

Hello everyone,

For those of you who still visit, I am sorry to announce that the Tekkenomics website might not be going back online.

The site went down due to someone uploading illegal movies to the same server that the website was hosted on. Because of this, the server was wiped of all information and accounts. Since this was a university account and I am no longer in school, it was a little difficult to get the account re-activated. Due to other obligations, I decided to no longer attempt to obtain another account and maintain the website. This means (at least for the time being) that the website won’t be going back online. If there is enough of a demand, I will try to upload the stuff that I had on the website somewhere.

However, I have decided to continue updating my Tekken 5 and T5: Dark Resurrection FAQs, which will be available on gamefaqs.com. I am also considering writing a Tekken 6 FAQ after it releases for the PS3.

For those who have a PS3, you can find me online under the screen name “Wild_Man_X”.

For those looking for Tekken related news and info, you can visit the following websites:

Thanks for your time,
Wild Man X

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