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T5DR PlayStation Home Items and Clothing

As of May 2009, there are items and clothing from T5DR Online available for purchase for use within the U.S. PlayStation Home for the PS3. The following is a list of items and the stores they can be purchased from. After entering the door to the store, look for the T5DR Online logo with a black background.

Store name: ? (furniture store with burgundy walls)
Location: Mall, 2nd floor
– Heihachi Mishima Figurine ($0.49)
– Paul Phoenix ($0.49)
– Asuka Kazama ($0.49)
– Nina Williams ($0.49)
– Anna Williams ($0.49)
– Kazuya Mishima ($0.49)
– Devil Jin ($0.49)
– King ($0.49)
– Mokujin ($0.49)

Store name: Home Threads
Location: Mall, 2nd floor
> Paul Phoenix
– Paul’s Wig ($0.99)
– Paul’s Shirt & Tattoo Sticker ($0.99)
– Paul’s Pants ($0.99)
– Paul’s Hands ($0.49)
– Paul’s Feet ($0.49)
> Heihachi Mishima
– Heihachi’s Wig ($0.99)
– Heihachi’s Shirt ($0.99)
– Heihachi’s Pants ($0.99)
– Heihachi’s Hands ($0.49)

Gamespot posted some screenshots of the Paul and Heihachi costumes that are available for purchase within PlayStation Home on the PS3:

A video of the costumes is available below:

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