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My Tekken 6 Wish-list

In celebration of my birthday today, this blog entry that is an expanded version of a post that I made on the forums of Tekken Zaibatsu when asked what I would like to see within Tekken 6.  The following list is just for fun, as this will have no impact on what Namco Bandai adds to the game.

Here are some things I would like to see:

– Special Edition for PS3 without the arcade stick.
Currently, there is only a special edition of Tekken 6 for PS3 and Xbox 360 that includes an arcade stick and an art book.  I guess it would be nice to have a copy of the art book, but it might be possible to find it on eBay later.

– Discount if purchasing both PS3 and PSP versions at the same time, or maybe bundle both together.
I’m definitely getting the PS3 version at launch, but might not get the PSP version right away.  A discount or bundle might convince me to change my mind on waiting on picking up the PSP version as well.

– Connectivity between PSP and PS3 versions.
Maybe make it possible to use the PS3 controller for the PSP like what “Resistance: Retribution” did, or be able to link earned money, customizations, stats, and unlockables.  Here is a video of using the PS3 controller on PSP for “Resistance: Retribution”:

– No console exclusive characters.
I never really liked this idea, because I feel like I’m not getting the full experience the game has to offer.  Also, I don’t want to have to pay to use a character like Soul Calibur 4 did with Yoda for the PS3 and Darth Vader for the Xbox 360.

– Don’t make gamers pay for content already on the disc.
This console generation, some companies decided to try to pull a fast one by making gamers pay to unlock content that is already included on the disc when they purchased their game.  Some of these games include Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5, and Beautiful Katamari, and Soul Calibur 4.

– Practice mode options from Soul Calibur 4: “Command Playback” and “Free Style Settings”.
I think that these practice ode features will be really useful in Tekken 6.  Since Soul Calibur 4 is another Namco Bandai game, it shouldn’t be difficult to implement.  If you’re not familiar with these settings, “Command Playback” allows you to record and playback commands for the sparring dummy from the first controller, and “Free Style Settings” allows you to set different options for the sparring dummy (such as automatically putting them in a grounded position).

– Match Replay saves and YouTube upload integration (for PS3).
I would love to see the match replay save feature return from Tekken 4.  Since the PS3 has YouTube upload support, why not also allow users to upload their saved match replay videos?

– XMB music accessibility (for PS3).
This should be an extremely easy feature to implement.  Sony leaves it up to the developers to allow this feature within their games, and many decided not to include it.

– XMB in-game screenshot save feature like in Noby Noby Boy (for PS3).
The PS3 downloadable game “Noby Noby Boy” allows players to capture a screenshot by simply selecting the “Save Screenshot” icon under the “Photo” menu on the XMB.  Sony leaves it up to the developers to allow this feature within their games, and many have decided not to include it.

– A Tournament Mode
I would like to see a Tournament Mode that is similar to Versus Mode, but can be used for casual tournaments.  It should be a standard tournament style with a winner’s and loser’s bracket, and you get to choose the number of participants.  If you’ve ever competed in any kind of tournament before, or played the Ranking Tournament within Tekken Dojo on Tekken: Dark Resurrection you should have an idea of what I’m talking about.  Something like this:

– Create a fighter
I was thinking that maybe to make things fair, that a height/weight limit can be added for each moveset. Such as a person with Marduk’s height can’t have Xiaoyu’s moveset.  Although created fighters will most likely not be allowed in tournaments, it would be nice to make a fighter that looks like me with Lei Wulong’s moveset.

– Tag Mode
I really enjoyed playing Tekken Tag Tournament, and would like to see the tag feature return.  Although, it is probably more likely that we’ll see another Tekken Tag Tournament game in a few years than seeing the tag feature included in Tekken 6.  (NOTE: I’m not saying there will be a TTT2.)

What would you like to see for or in Tekken 6?

Wild Man X

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