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Tekkenomics Blog moving to WordPress

Hello everyone,

This past weekend, an issue arrived when visiting the Tekkenomics Blog (currently hosted on Blogger) using Internet Explorer.  The source of the issue lies within some custom widgets that were used for the page.  Instead of trying to figure out the exact sources of the problems, I was curious to see what WordPress had to offer.

I knew that SD Tekken used WordPress, so I created an account to see what the differences were between Blogger and WordPress.  In my opinion, Blogger’s admin page looks better and is simpler to navigate.  Blogger does have some nice features, but WordPress has some really good features that I like which are missing from Blogger.

The major downside with WordPress is that you have to pay to be able to customize just about anything on your blog.  So, this means that the Tekkenomics Blog on WordPress will look rather plain and might look similar to a lot of other WordPress blogs, seeing as there are only a few themes to choose from.

I have decided that sometime on Friday, August 7, I will be moving all of the blog posts from Blogger to WordPress.  Once the change is complete, the tekkenomics.com domain will also be switched to point to the new blog location.

Wild Man X

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