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Tekkenomics Vault: Tekken 5 – Day 2

  • Originally written: December 18, 2004
  • Revised: June 9, 2006
  • My Comments: I was able to get in some more playing time on the arcade version of Tekken 5 a few after my first visit, so I wrote up another article on it.

Wild Man X

Tekken 5 – Day 2

In this article, I will talk about my
second day of playing the arcade version of Tekken 5.

NOTE: This article is mainly for those who have not yet played Tekken 5.

On December 17, 2004, Paulinstein and I (Wild Man X) went down to the local TILT arcade:
Tilt @ Galleria at Tyler Mall
Riverside, CA 92503-4131


Since Paulinstein had not yet played Tekken 5, he called me up to go down to TILT.  I arrived at TILT at about 12:15 pm, and we stayed for about 2 hours.  During the two hours, I obtained some more info about Tekken 5.


I decided once again to try out the “lollipop” style joystick that came with the machine.  It’s still hard getting used to the Tekken 5 joystick.  Paulinstein had the same problems that I was having.  The joystick just feels too loose.  You cannot use the Tekken 5 joystick the same way that you would use a joystick on any other arcade machine.  You have to be more delicate.  Like I said last time, the Tekken 5 joystick will definitely take some time getting used to.

PS2 Controller Ports

The controller ports on the machine are placed in the upper corner of the machine on each side, on the back side of the joystick platform.  I took a picture of the port (Picture #3 below, but it’s kind of blurry).

As an update to those who plan on going to this arcade, the controller port on left player side still isn’t working, but the one on the right is working.  So, my suggestion is that you bring a PS2 controller and hope that the controller port is working when you get their.  If not, then you might have to get used to the “lollipop joystick”.

IC Cards

On my second visit, I decided to purchase an IC card (Pictured below), so now I have information about this.  As I mentioned last time, Tekken 5 introduces fighter customization to the Tekken series, similar to Virtua Fighter 4.  You can purchase a card for $5 which allows you to keep track of stats for only one fighter.  These stats includes total number of wins and  losses against human opponents, and money earned from all matches.  You can also customize the name of your fighter.  Whenever you get a new record with your IC card, the record will automatically be under your custom name, so you will not have to enter any initials.

You can win 1000G for winning and 250G for losing a match against a human opponent.  If you play the Arcade mode, you will only earn 25G per win and 50G for a win against Jinpachi.  You can use the money earned from fighting to purchase items to customize your fighter’s lower body, upper body, and head.

When you use an IC on a Tekken 5 machine, a “ghost” image of your fighter is created.  Other players have the ability to fight against your ghost character in the Arcade mode.  Every time your ghost fighter wins a match, the money it earned is added to your IC card the next time that you insert it into the machine.

Every time that you insert your card into the machine, you are given 30 seconds to perform any changes to your fighter.  During this time, you can edit your custom name, purchase items, customize your fighter’s appearance, and view your stats.  However, if you play Arcade mode or against a human opponent, you are not able to remove your card until you lose.  You also cannot perform any customization changes until you lose.

The IC card can only be used for up to 500 credits.  Each time you play against a human opponent, it counts as one credit.  The entire Arcade mode counts as one credit, but each continue counts as another credit.

Cheesy Jinpachi

Out of all of the times that I played the Arcade mode, I never had to continue until I got to Jinpachi.  Like I mentioned before, he has this fireball attack that comes out of his stomach, which takes about 2/3 to 3/4 of your life bar.  The worst part about this move is that it’s mid, which means that you cannot duck under it. For many of the fighters, the only way that they can avoid the fireball is to sidestep.  But you will have to be careful, because he can shoot out two fireballs in succession.  Some fighters can avoid the fireball(s) by performing one of their moves in the middle of the attack (like Lei Wulong can avoid it by doing his “Play Dead”, d+3+4).

As I mentioned last time, Jinpachi has MANY guard stun attacks that will cancel any move that you’re doing and will render you helpless for about a second or two.  I have yet to figure out a way around these guard stuns.  My only advice is to keep on throwing attacks at Jinpachi, and not give him too much space.

Moves to Try

Here are a few cool new moves that you can try out:

Lei – d+1+2,3+4 and f, f+3,4
Law – d/b+4,4 and d+1+2, 3+4 and d/b+3
Yoshimistu – f+1+2 and f+3+4
Kazuya – f,N,d,d/f+4,1
Marduk and King – (While opponent is in the air) (1+3 or 2+4)

Other Stuff

I was unable to completely finish naming my fighter, but when I do finish, it will read “Get Leid by WMX”.

After beating the game for the third time in two days (this time with Lei Wulong), I managed to rack up a 15 game winning streak before I left.  While doing this, I obtained a ranking of “6th Kyu”.  So far, the ranking system goes like: Beginner, 9th Kyu, 8th, 7th, 6th.

In conclusion, Paulinstein and myself will be visiting the arcade a few more times before school starts up again in January, so e-mail us and let us know if there is anything specific that you would like to know about the arcade version of Tekken 5, or if there are any other pictures that you like to see.


Below are the pictures that I took on my second visit:
(Click below to view the picture gallery)

Article – Tekken 5 – Day 2

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