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FAQ Update – August 30, 2009

Hello everyone,

Back in July, Tekkenomics was contacted by Stephen Ng of IGN to create an IGN-exclusive FAQ for the console version of Tekken 6.  It was agreed that we will write a complete and detailed move list for each fighter, similar to the Tekken 5 Move Lists available here on the Tekkenomics Blog.

The initial draft of the Tekken 6 move lists will be ready within 2 weeks of the U.S. console release of Tekken 6 on October 27, 2009.  The other five FAQs that were previously mentioned won’t see an initial release until sometime after these move lists have been completed, but they will be available on the usual FAQ websites (GameFAQs, IGN, etc.).

The release dates for our Tekken 6 FAQs have not yet been determined, but they will most likely be released in the following order:

  • Hidden Moves FAQ (Release date: TBD)
  • Combo FAQ (Release date: TBD)
  • Taunt FAQ (Release date: TBD)
  • Customization Guide (Release date: TBD)
  • General FAQ (Release date: TBD)

Check back for more information to be announced in the future.

Wild Man X

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