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Tekkenomics Vault: Tekken 5 Arcade Customization

  • Originally written: January 5, 2005
  • Revised: June 9, 2006
  • My Comments: I wrote this article to answer common questions related to customization in the arcade version of Tekken 5.

Wild Man X

Tekken 5 Arcade Customization


As you may or may not know, Tekken 5 introduces fighter customization to the Tekken series, which is similar to the feature within Virtua Fighter 4.  In this article, I will discuss the customization feature of the arcade version of Tekken 5.  Hopefully this will clear up any questions that some people may have about the customization feature, or how the card system works.

What is the IC Card for?

The IC card allows you to keep track of stats and other info for only one fighter.  These stats include total number of wins and losses against human opponents, percentage of wins, and money earned from all matches played (See “How to earn money” for more info).  The money earned will be used to purchase items and color options that will be used to customize your fighter’s 1P and 2P outfits to your liking.  An advantage of the IC card is that whenever you get a new “Time Attack” or “Survival” record with while using your IC card, the record will automatically be under your custom name, so you will not have to enter any initials.  However, the IC card can only be used for up to 500 credits.  Each time you play against a human opponent, it counts as one credit.  The entire Arcade mode counts as one credit, but each continue counts as another credit.

Purchasing an IC Card

On my second visit to the Tilt arcade, I decided to purchase an IC data card for the Tekken 5 arcade machine.  In the U.S. version of the Tekken 5 cabinet, the location where you insert your money for the card is underneath the joystick podium, to the left of the coin slots.  Most places will charge $5 for an IC card.  Next to this location, there is a little slot where the machine will spit out your data card.  You will randomly be given one of the data cards below:

Transferring IC Card Data

As stated above, after 500 plays, you must transfer the data from your IC card to a new IC card if you want to keep using that character and ranking.  To transfer the data to a new card, you must first purchase a new IC card from any Tekken5 Machine that sells them.

An explanation from n8nmonster how the process works is: “The next time you play, stick both your old card and a new card at the same time together into the same IC card slot.  It’ll ask if you want to transfer your data over.  Choose yes, let it transfer, take both cards out, stick new card back in, and you’re good to go.”

How to Earn Money

As I mentioned before, the money that you earn can be used to customize your fighter.  You can win 1000G for winning and 250G for losing a match against a human opponent.  If you defeat an opponent of a higher ranking, you might be awarded 1100G.  If you play the Arcade mode, you will only earn 25G per win and 50G for a win against Jinpachi (the final boss).  You can use the money earned from fighting to purchase items to customize your fighter’s lower body, upper body, and head.  Another way to earn money is from your “ghost fighter” (SEE “Ghost Fighter” for more info).

Ghost Fighter

When you use an IC data card on a Tekken 5 machine for the first time, a “ghost” image of your fighter is created.  This ghost is supposed to be a representation of your fighting style.  Other players have the ability to fight against your ghost character in the Arcade mode.  Every time your ghost fighter wins a match, the money it earned is added to your IC card the next time that you insert it into the machine.

Customizing Your Fighter

Every time that you insert your card into the machine, you are given 30 seconds to perform any changes to your fighter.  During this time, you can edit your custom name, purchase items, customize your fighter’s appearance, and view your stats.  However, if you play Arcade mode or against a human opponent, you are not able to remove your card until you lose.  You also cannot perform any customization changes until you re-insert your card.

Here are some pictures of the IC card feature:

Here are some pictures of that show the difference between default and customized fighters:

Here are some pictures of customized fighters:

Fighter Rankings

Every so often, you will be given a “promotional chance” match to improve your fighter’s ranking.  If and only if you win this match, your fighter will advance to the next ranking.  You will start off as a “Beginner” and can be given a promotional chance for any match that you fight, until you reach the “1st  Dan” ranking.  Then you will not be given a chance to promote unless you fight against a person who has a ranking of “1st Dan” or higher on their IC card.  The rankings follow the order:

9th Kyu – 1st Kyu
1st Dan – 5th Dan
Tekken Lord

There is also a chance for a demotion. This may occur if you lose constantly, after obtaining the 1st Dan or higher rank.

Tekken Roulette

After you reach a certain number of matches played, you will randomly get an opportunity to try your luck with “Tekken Roulette”.  This feature will randomly pick a multiplier (2, 3, 5, or 10) that will be multiplied by the winnings from the match that you have just completed.  The winner and the loser of the match can both take advantage of this, if both have an IC card.

For different customizations, be sure to check out my “Customization Guide”, which can be found below:
Tekken 5 Customization Guide

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