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New Tekken 6 Scans – Game Modes, Replay Data?

“madman1973” of Tekken Zaibatsu has provided links to magazine scans containing information on Tekken 6’s Versus mode, Scenario Campaign, and possibly a replay data save feature.

To quote:

Found these two new magazine scans with a feature on Tekken 6. The blog where these were posted as far as I can tell says:
– The Scenario Campaign starts with illustrations recapping the events in the previous games
– Something about Replay Data Saves?
– Some stuff about Survival Mode, Stages
– Free-style practice of techniques to practice; training can play with CPU

Here’s the link to the blog, from Inatekken.

Here are the scans.

“TKOIF seeker” has also provided a link to Famitsu containing higher quality images:

The original forum thread is located below:

Wild Man X

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