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FAQ Update – September 7, 2009

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The following FAQs have been updated for this week and should be available at sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday:

Tekken 5 Combo FAQ (Version 4.00)
– Added notations: “DCK” for Steve, “RKT” for Roger Jr.
Fighter Specific Legend Commands
– Added notations: “DCK” for Steve, “RKT” for Roger Jr.
The Art of Juggling
– Updated “Escapes & Recovery” #6
– Updated “While Standing / While Rising Moves” #1
– Updated “Fighter Specific Info” #12, 15
– Added “Fighter Specific Info” #17, 18, 19
– Added “Other Stuff” #6, 7
Combo List
– Added launcher for Feng, Lee
– Added combos for Feng, Jin, Lee, Marshall, Paul, Raven, Steve
– Made corrections to Bruce, Christie, Ganryu, Kuma, Lee, Ling, Raven
More Combos
– Made corrections to Julia, Ling
Combo Videos
– Updated “Where to Download / Watch Combo Videos”
– Updated links to point to the “Tekkenomics Blog”
– Updated “Legal Stuff”, “Special Thanks”, “About Tekkenomics”, “Closing”
– Format changes
– Other minor fixes/changes

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Best Buy Tekken 6 Pre-Order Bonus

September 7, 2009 Leave a comment

As previously mentioned, those who pre-order Tekken 6 from GameStop will receive a Tekken calendar as well as Tekken 6 Samurai Pack Downloadable Content featuring a Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit designed by Penny Arcade.

I stopped by Best Buy and saw that they are giving away a different pre-order bonus which you can take home after pre-ordering from the store the same day. You will get a “Laser Cel” (with Certificate of Authenticity) and a “Tattoed Sleeve”. Scans of the pre-order box are available below:

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