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Tekkenomics Vault: Jinpachi Mishima Playable (T5)

  • Originally written: March 6, 2005
  • Revised: March 1, 2007
  • My Comments: This is probably the most popular article that I’ve written on the Tekkenomics website, because I made some of the first videos available showing a playable version of Jinpachi Mishima in action.  The videos are no longer available for direct download, but have been uploaded to YouTube for viewing.

Wild Man X

Jinpachi Mishima Playable (T5)


With the aid of a “cheat device” or “game enhancer”, Jinpachi Mishima is playable in the PS2 version of Tekken 5.  In this article, I bring you pictures, videos, and Action Replay Max codes to play as Jinpachi.

Video and Pictures

Below, you will find 3 videos and pictures of me testing out Jinpachi.
(You may hear a little static in the background due to my video capture device).

(Note: The videos are no longer available for direct download, but can be view on YouTube below)

Video #1:  A match between Jinpachi and Yoshimitsu in Arcade Mode.
Video #2:  A match that shows how cheesy the playable version of Jinpachi is.
Video #3:  Me trying out some of Jinpachi’s moves in Practice Mode.

Action Replay Max Codes

Below, you will find codes for Action Replay Max that I can confirm to work.
You can find more codes at www.codejunkies.com

The (M) below is the master code.  The following codes are for player 1 only, and only one Jinpachi code can be selected at a time.


Jinpachi (Demon 1)

Jinpachi (Human 1)

About Using Jinpachi

According to IcePhoenix from Tekken Zaibatsu:
“There is no actual legal way to get Jinpachi.  He was originally in the beta version but was scrapped at the last second.  This is why there are bits and pieces of things in the game that would lead  you to believe he’s playable.  It’s because at some point he was.”

When the codes are activated, go into any mode and select any fighter.  No matter which fighter you choose, Jinpachi will be selected, and his CG picture will appear in the loading screen.

Jinpachi has his own separate ranking in Arcade Mode (just like the other fighters), but he doesn’t have any Time Attack or Survival ranking.

Unlock Jinpachi’s Ending

You cannot obtain Jinpachi’s ending movie by beating the Story Mode with Jinpachi.  To obtain Jinpachi’s ending movie, you have to fight against Jinpachi in Story Mode (with any fighter), but you must lose and not continue.  You will see his ending, and it will now be available in the Theater.

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