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Tekkenomics Vault: Tekken 5 FAQ Update Project

  • Originally written: October 7, 2005
  • Revised: June 9, 2006
  • My Comments: This was the last article that I’ve written for the Tekkenomics website.  I was planning to release one huge final update for all of my Tekken 5 FAQs, and I came up with the “FAQ Update Project” to try to gain feedback and receive any last contributions.  Even though I was planning on this being my last update, I actually ended up making minor updates to these FAQs up until Tekken: Dark Resurrection was released on the PSP in July 2006.  It wasn’t until May 2009 that I started updating these FAQs again, which no longer made them FINAL updates.

Wild Man X

Tekken 5 FAQ Update Project

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed something about a “small project” on the home
page of this website.  If you sign the “Guest Book” on the “Tekkenomics”
website (this website), you can participate in the:
“Tekken 5 FAQ File Update Project”

The last FAQ update was supposed to be the last update, but I have
decided to create one more final update to my Tekken 5 FAQ files.

People that participate will receive an early version of the FAQ files to
give their opinions, add any new material, help find any errors, or let
me know about anything that seems confusing or unclear.

This will be the very last update, and I want to fix any errors and add
any last things before I release it.

Only the people that participate in this project will be able to view
these updated files. Everyone else will have to wait until I decide to
release the final version.

If you do decide to help, I will add your name to the “Special Thanks”
section when I decide to release the Final version.

Send me an e-mail titled “Tekken 5 FAQ File Update Project” after
signing the “Guest Book” if you’re interested.  I will then send an
e-mail to you with a link of where you can download the pre-release
version of the files.  You’ll have until October 15 (maybe longer) to
e-mail me any comments about these updated FAQs.

Thanks for your time,
Wild Man X

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