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FAQ Update – September 21, 2009

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The following FAQs have been updated for this week and should be available at within a few days:

Tekken 5 Combo FAQ (Version 4.02)
Combo List
– Added combos for Bryan, Ling
– Updated “Special Thanks”
– Minor format changes

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Permanent Blog Theme – iNove

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After moving from Blogger to WordPress, my plan was to try out a different blog theme every 1-2 weeks. I liked the “Comtempt” theme, but it was already being used by SD Tekken. “Cutline” was one of the other possibilities, but it was being used by I Am Tekken at the time. I wanted a blog theme to differentiate Tekkenomics from the other popular Tekken blogs. When it was time to switch to a new blog theme, the iNove theme was released. I really liked the way this theme looked and didn’t bother trying out any of the other themes since switching to this one. So, unless I find a theme that I like more, iNove will be the permanent theme for the Tekkenomics Blog on WordPress.


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