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Tekkenomics Vault: Syllabus

  • Last Updated: June 02, 2006
  • My Comments: To go along with the theme of the Tekkenomics website being a place where you can go to learn more about Tekken, I made this Syllabus modeled after one of the courses I took in college (although just about every college course has one of these).  And no, there isn’t an actual Tekkenomics course :).

Wild Man X


Tekkenomics 5B: Introduction to Tekken
Summer 2006



Wild Man X
Began Tekken series with Tekken 3 in 2000.

Began Tekken series with Tekken 3 in 2000.

Drake the Demon
Began Tekken series with Tekken 3 in 2001.

Contact Information

E-mail: Tekkenomics@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.tekkenomics.com/
AIM: Tekkenomics

Office Hours

All meetings will be held through MSN Messenger, AIM, or through E-mail.
Appointments must be made through e-mail.

Class Schedule

Monday to Sunday    12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Attend class whenever possible


Mandatory: Tekkenomics Website
Optional: Tekken Official Website, or any other Tekken related website.

Class Outline

In this course we will introduce and then indulge you in the concepts pertaining to the Tekken series.  Our aspiration is for you to master the basics.  This class is a prerequisite for every other Tekkenomics course, so our goal is to prepare you for these classes.  We will cover command/move lists, fighter strategies, combos/juggles, plus a lot more.  Be prepared to do some rigorous studying if new to the world of Tekkenomics.

The tentative schedule appears below.  This syllabus is subject to change throughout the quarter.  Please see the online syllabus for the most up-to-date version of the schedule.

Topic 1: A general introduction to the concepts & terminology we will be using.

Topic 2: Discuss the tools needed for being successful in this class.

Topic 3: Brief history/overview of Tekken series.

Topic 4: Look at the story of Tekken 5 and its fighters.

Topic 5: Fighter advantages and disadvantages.

Topic 6: Basic moves, grabs, etc.

Topic 7: A few helpful Do’s and Don’ts while fighting.

Topic 8: Introduction to juggling.

Topic 9: Tips of creating your own fighter strategies.

Topic 10: Learn how to integrate all these topics into a fight.

Topic 11: In-depth look at Tekken 5.

Topic 12: Preview Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

Assignments & Assessment


Homework for class will be to read the text on the Tekkenomics website and to play any game in Tekken series whenever possible.


There will be “pop” quizzes given at any time, which can be taken at any time throughout the quarter.  Quizzes will be “open note”.

Final exam:

The Final Exam is comprehensive.  The date will be announced.


Class Participation: 20%
Homework: 15%
Quizzes: 15%
Final exam: 50%

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