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Tekken 6 Swaggin’ Wagon tours California

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

According to tekkenbob, the “Tekken 6 Swaggin’ Wagon” will be touring California, although the exact dates and locations weren’t specified.


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Media Update – October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

For Part 1 of this week’s Media Update, I will be doing something different from the normal update.

YouTube user “G4Bri3LPlug4d0” has uploaded “Tekken: The Motion Picture“, which is an animated Tekken movie released back in 1997.  If you haven’t seen this movie yet (or want to see it again), this is a good opportunity.  However, you might want to watch it soon, as there is a chance that the YouTube admins might remove these videos.  The video has been broken down into six parts, which you can view in order below. Enjoy!

NOTE: The videos are in English with Portuguese subtitles.

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