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FAQ Update – October 23, 2009

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This week’s FAQ Update is a bit late, but A LOT of stuff has been updated.  Since the console release of Tekken 6 is only a few days away, unless there are any questions, comments, corrections or new submissions, it might be a while before these FAQs are updated again.  It is time to move on to Tekken 6!

The following FAQs have been updated this week and should be available at and within a few days:

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Wild FAQ – Version 4.30
– Minor format changes
Hidden Moves
– Updated move for Armor King
Combo List
– Added another note
– Added combos for Sergei
Customized Outfits
– Added outfits for Asuka, Baek, Christie, Craig, Devil Jin,
Eddy, Ganryu, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jack-5, Jin, Julia, Kazuya,
King, Kuma, Lee, Ling, Marshall, Mokujin, Nina, Paul, Raven,
Roger Jr., Sergei, Steve, Wang, Yoshimitsu
– Updated outfits for Christie, Craig, Hwoarang
Secrets / Unlockables / Nice-To-Know (TDR/PSP)
Secrets / Unlockables / Nice-To-Know (T5DRO/PS3)
– Updated “T5DR ONLINE Q & A”
Earning Money (PSP)
– Filled in information on earning money from the rest of the
game modes.
– Added “Extra: Earn Free Items” and “Extra: Tekken Roulette”
Earning Money (PS3)
– Added “Extra: Tekken Roulette”
– Updated “Special Thanks”

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