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FAQ Update – November 4, 2009

The following FAQs have been updated and is now available on faqs.ign.com.  It should be also available on Tekken Zaibatsu soon.

Tekken 6 Trophy & Achievement Guide – Version 1.01
– “Scenario Campaign Stages and Characters”,
“Scenario Campaign Special Properties”
FAQ Description
– Added more info
Trophy & Achievement Guide
– Updated some trophy names
– Updated and added new trophy tips
– Every trophy / achievement now has a tip!
Tips on Beating Azazel
– Added a few pieces of info
Scenario Campaign Stage Tips
– Updated “General Tips”
– Added “Nightmare Train”
– Updated “Special Thanks”
– Changed e-mail address
– Updated “Legal Stuff”
– Fixed some typos
– Other minor changes

Wild Man X

  1. L_Z_N
    November 10, 2009 at 2:15 AM

    great work, wild man… *thumbs up

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