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FAQ Update – December 7, 2009 [UPDATE]

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[UPDATE] The Tekken 6 Customization Item Moves is now available on IGN.

The following changes have been made to our Tekken 6 Move Lists and should be available on IGN within the next couple of days:

  • Updated Legend
  • Added “Customization Item Moves” section.
  • Other minor changes

The following FAQs have been updated and should be available on the usual websites within the next couple of days:

Tekken 6 Trophy & Achievement Guide – Version 1.20
Trophy & Achievement Guide
– Formatted section
– Modified and added additional tips to several trophies
Tips on Beating Azazel
– Added some new information
Scenario Campaign Stages and Characters
– Added a map
Scenario Campaign Customization Item Special Properties
– Added some formatting
– Added “MAX VALUE” for each property
– Updated some info
– Updated “Legal Stuff” and “Special Thanks”
– Fixed some typos
– Other minor changes

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