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FAQ Update – December 19, 2009

The following changes have been made to our Tekken 6 Move Lists over the last couple of days and is now available on IGN:

  • Updated “Bound Moves” section
    – Updated description.
    – Updated some notes.
    – Updated Alisa.
    – Added more bound moves for Baek, Bob, Lars, Raven and Steve.
    – Added additional low parry commands for Armor King, Craig, Kuma, Lei, and Ling.
    – Made some corrections.
    – Thanks to Mokujin Man for noticing a typo.
  • Updated “Customization Item Moves” section – Minor changes.
  • Updated character moves list – Minor update for Bryan Fury.
  • Other minor changes.

The following FAQ has been updated.  It is now available on IGN and might be available on Tekken Zaibatsu soon:

Tekken 6 Trophy & Achievement Guide – Version 1.30
– “More Scenario Campaign Info”
Trophy & Achievement Guide
– Updated “Item Connoisseur”, “Alien Hunter”, “Love That Money”,
“Combo Amateur”, “Fighting Amateur”, “Treasure Amateur”,
“What a Nightmare” and “Machine Crusher”
Tips on Beating Azazel
– Addded several YouTube video links
Scenario Campaign Customization Item Special Properties
– Updated “Extra Bound(s)”
Scenario Campaign Stage Tips
– Updated “General Tips” and “Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Tower”
– Added two new questions
– Updated “Closing”
– Other minor changes

Wild Man X

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