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Tekken 6 Move List Update – January 14, 2010 [UPDATE]

January 17, 2010 36 comments

Another update for our Tekken 6 Move List is now available.  Thanks to Stephen Ng of IGN, a new navigation bar has been added to the top of the page.  The following changes have also been made:

  • Updated “Legend & Conventions” – Reformatted “Character Specific” section.
  • Updated “Bound Moves” section – Added bound moves for Baek, Christie and Jin; Updated Christie, Devil Jin and Zafina.  Thanks to Marin of TZ for providing a bound move for Baek.
  • Updated “Customization Item Moves” section – Updated notes with the items that are only available or not available in the PSP version.
  • Updated Move Lists – “Sample Combos” section for each fighter is now available.

[UPDATE] The additional updates have been made and should be available within the next couple of days:
– Updated and added an additional Bound Move for Christie, and updated Marshall, Roger Jr. and Sergei.
– Updated “Customization Item Moves” section – Added a note for Yoshimitsu.
– Added all remaining Bound Move command names, and re-arranged some moves.
– Other minor changes.

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