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Tekken 6 Move List Update – April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Another update for our Tekken 6 Move List will be available soon. The following changes have been made:

  • Added the Tekken 6 logo
  • Updated Move Lists – Anna, Armor King, Baek

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Tekken 6 Move List Update – March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Another update for our Tekken 6 Move List will be available soon. The following changes have been made:

  • Updated Move Lists – Updated list for Alisa, Asuka, Bruce, Devil Jin, Jack-6, Jin, Wang.
  • “Bound Moves” section – Added a note for Kuma.

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Tekken 6 Move List Update – March 8, 2010

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Another update for our Tekken 6 Move List is now available. The following changes have been made:

  • Updated “Bound Moves” section – Added notes to a few moves.
  • Updated Move Lists – Updated list for Jin and Wang.
  • Other minor changes.

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FAQ Update – February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks with family, jury duty and work.  Because of this, I haven’t had much time to work on the Tekken 6 Move Lists and FAQs.  I expect to have some more time in the upcoming week to continue working on these.

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Tekken 6 Move List Update – January 14, 2010 [UPDATE]

January 17, 2010 36 comments

Another update for our Tekken 6 Move List is now available.  Thanks to Stephen Ng of IGN, a new navigation bar has been added to the top of the page.  The following changes have also been made:

  • Updated “Legend & Conventions” – Reformatted “Character Specific” section.
  • Updated “Bound Moves” section – Added bound moves for Baek, Christie and Jin; Updated Christie, Devil Jin and Zafina.  Thanks to Marin of TZ for providing a bound move for Baek.
  • Updated “Customization Item Moves” section – Updated notes with the items that are only available or not available in the PSP version.
  • Updated Move Lists – “Sample Combos” section for each fighter is now available.

[UPDATE] The additional updates have been made and should be available within the next couple of days:
– Updated and added an additional Bound Move for Christie, and updated Marshall, Roger Jr. and Sergei.
– Updated “Customization Item Moves” section – Added a note for Yoshimitsu.
– Added all remaining Bound Move command names, and re-arranged some moves.
– Other minor changes.

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Pre-Tekken 6 FAQ Info and Links

December 12, 2009 17 comments

Hello everyone,

If you’ve every wondered what “FAQ” means, it is an acronym for “Frequently Asked Questions” and for video games it usually means a guide or helpful/useful information. Similar to Tekken 5, we will be creating several FAQs for Tekken 6 which might be released some time in January 2010.

From our “Tekken 6 FAQ Poll”, I am getting an idea of what order I should try to work on and complete the first version of our Tekken 6 FAQs, however I still haven’t received any feedback from our Pre-Tekken 6 FAQ Comments and Feedback thread. I would really like to know what you like and don’t like about our previous Tekken FAQs, as the Tekken 6 FAQs will be modeled after our Tekken 5 and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection FAQs. Please post any and all comments, suggestions, and questions that you might have that could be used to help improve the Tekken 6 FAQs in the previously mentioned thread.

Below you will find a link to my current Tekken 6 FAQs and some related forum topics on Tekken Zaibatsu that you might find useful while you wait for our other Tekken 6 FAQs to be released.

NOTE: Please be aware that some of the content on the Tekken Zaibatsu forums are from the arcade version of Tekken 6 and might have been removed or changed for the console version.

Here are the links:

Current Tekkenomics Tekken 6 FAQ

Move Lists

Hidden Moves





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Blog Update – October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is the blog update for the week:

  • 1 week until Tekken 6 console release!
  • Created “Games” section.
  • Re-organized the right side panel.
  • Renamed “Scheduled Weekly Updates” widget in the right side panel to “Weekly Updates (when needed)”.
  • Updated “Upcoming Events” in the right side panel.
  • Moved back “Tekkenomics Tekken 6 FAQs/Guides Release” from November to December.
  • Added a note to the “Tekken 5 Move Lists” section.
  • Updated “Links” > Added 3 more links.
  • This week’s “FAQ Update” will be tomorrow.

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FAQ Update – October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

The following FAQs have been updated this week and should be available at within a few days:

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Wild FAQ Version 4.10
– Made some notation changes
– Added some alternative notations
Combo List
– Added combos for Yoshimitsu
– Made correction for Feng, Sergei
Customized Outfits
– Added outfit for Armor King, Jack-5, Jin
– Minor fixes/changes

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FAQ Update – August 30, 2009

August 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

Back in July, Tekkenomics was contacted by Stephen Ng of IGN to create an IGN-exclusive FAQ for the console version of Tekken 6.  It was agreed that we will write a complete and detailed move list for each fighter, similar to the Tekken 5 Move Lists available here on the Tekkenomics Blog.

The initial draft of the Tekken 6 move lists will be ready within 2 weeks of the U.S. console release of Tekken 6 on October 27, 2009.  The other five FAQs that were previously mentioned won’t see an initial release until sometime after these move lists have been completed, but they will be available on the usual FAQ websites (GameFAQs, IGN, etc.).

The release dates for our Tekken 6 FAQs have not yet been determined, but they will most likely be released in the following order:

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Blog Update – August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009 Leave a comment

This week, the following changes/updates have been made to the blog:

  • Added a “Guest Book“.
  • Add the “Read more…” link to some of the newer posts.
  • Added a website link for “Katsuhiro Harada’s IGN Blog“.
  • Added several Tekken 6 character headshot icons in the banner area at the top of the blog.
  • Finished uploading Tekken 5 Move Lists, which were put together by Drake the Demon back in September 2005.  I will work on fixing the formatting issues in future updates.

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